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Welcome to the Division D TLI

What is Leadership? What makes a great or poor leader?

Come and find out at the D91 Division D Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI).

So you want to successfully lead your club?

Toastmasters has so much more to offer than public speaking practice. In fact, we are an organisation that provides more leadership opportunities than most.

In an age where you find as many definitions of ‘Leader’ and ‘Leadership’ as search results on Google, it can be difficult to determine how to become a better leader—or even define what a leader is.

The TLI will train you to become a 360º leader of your club: you will leave a better leader both within Toastmasters and in your career. The event is also the ideal opportunity to network with others—and to have a great time while doing so!

On 18th July, you will see leading speakers explain how you can become an outstanding leader both in and outside of your club.

Our Keynote Speaker will be Lark Doley who was Toastmasters International’s International President in 2018/19. Lark will be talking about leading in times of change.

Arnaud Sartre the new D91 District Director will also be talking about the reason why the new Division was formed. In addition we have experts from many different clubs presenting on a wide range of topics, to help you to successfully navigate the Toastmasters year ahead.

There will also be an opportunity to network with the other members of your Area during the breakout sessions.

Division D Toastmasters Leadership Initiative (TLI) Registration form
Please fill in the form below to register your place for Division D, District 91 Toastmasters Leadership Initiative (TLI) on Saturday 18th July 2020. Door open at 9:00 am, event starts at 9:30. We plan to finish by 2:15 and will be taking session breaks and a 30-minute lunch break.

The Mentor Workshop will be run by Janet Alkema, DTM. Janet is VPM of Farnham Speakers (Area D14) and Mentor charter member of Godalming Speakers. In this workshop, Janet will explore the importance of the role of the mentor in clubs and the part of the VPM in the success of that role. You will come away with a better understanding of what is expected of a mentor and useful resources to help simplify the implementation of the programme.

Please could all attendees take two minutes to complete this anonymous 5 question survey to show Janet the current level of engagement in the Mentor programme amongst the audience, thank you:



Data Protection Notice.
This form and data are under the direct control of your Divison Growth Director, John Drinkwater and only he and Diane, Division Director will have access to it. We will use the list to confirm and accept people’s attendance on the day and will monitor that people take part in the whole event and don’t leave after a few minutes. You gave permission for us to use your personal data in accordance with operating your Toastmaster Membership when you joined. This data is being used to run a Toastmaster Event.  There is no division website set up to host this form, and so I use the Toastmasters website that is able to process the data. After the event, we will report to the district for your points and then the data will be erased.

A division website will be prepared and released at the TLI