Epsom Speakers Club

7:30pm on Monday, 4 January, 2021

Host: Amy Jingzi Liu

Due to the Virus and Social Distancing, we are not currently able to meet at the Bourne Hall, Ewell. However, using the power of Zoom, we can meet online and you only need the FREE version of ZOOM to join us.

We will stay ONLINE until it is safe to meet again in person.

The meeting is in two halves;

  • The first, after introduction and warmup where everybody has the chance to speak for around 20 seconds to “warm-up” the vocal cords.
  • Next, we have three or four prepared speeches from members
  • These speeches are now each evaluated by other members
  • We then stop for a break. 
  • In the second half, there is some impromptu speaking, which guests can also take part in. People are chosen by the table topics master and will be asked to speak on a given subject. This is a great way to learn the skill of impromptu speaking.
  • All these ‘mini speeches’ are then evaluated by one Toastmaster.
  • Toastmasters have a rule that everything in TOastmasters should be evaluated because that is the say we identify and share best practices.  The General Evaluator has to role to evaluate all those that have not been evaluated.
  • The meeting is then closed by some words from our President and also the handing out of awards for best speaker, evaluator and table topics speech.

There is no charge for attending the meeting for guests.