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Until further notice, all UK Toastmers Meetings, Competitions and other events will be held online. Our Meeting software of choice is Zoom. From HTTPS://Zoom.US

You can use Desktop PC App,  Desktop PC Browser, Mac App, iPhone/Ipad App and Google Andriod App. So, almost any device with a screen, Mic and Camera.

Clubs need the Paid pro version to host their meetings, but members can use the free version to connect.

Topic: Toastmasters Zoom Q&A with John Drinkwater
Time: Mar 24, 2020 15:00 London
Every day, until May 1, 2020, 39 occurrence(s)

Yes, I am online for an hour every day. To answer Zoom questions. Except when clashes with other big Toastmaster Events. Like Division Competition Sat 28th March.  This is a special list and meeting ID just for these sessions.

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Meeting ID: 992 433 721

Toastmaster Zoom Video Playlist

The first few are for everyone to understand using Zoom and then the list goes on to the more advanced videos for your Zoom host to setup features for your meeting.  New videos will be added to the playlist and out-of-date/replaced videos will be dropped. So, better to refer to the playlist than specific videos

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