Practice and learn skills for online speaking on Zoom

Join our Toastmaster for this night, John Drinkwater, and enjoy the expert experience of presenting and speaking online.
You will have to supply your beverages.

Join us for an education and  fun meeting at Epsom Speakers!

Typically those who join us are those who:

  • Are scared of speaking in public
  • Feel that their speaking skills have let them down
  • Feel ineffective in meetings
  • Feel out of place in a leadership role
  • Are worried about having to give a speech for a specific event

Epsom Toastmasters has been helping people in all of these areas for the last 55 years and is one of the most established Toastmaster groups in the country. Typically, after just a few meetings, members have told us that they have improved in these areas, and indeed most have found that their new skills have helped them, often significantly, in both their personal and professional lives. It’s a really enjoyable experience and highly supportive. Our belief is that these are all learned skills and anyone can learn them in the right environment – and this has been proved time and again with our members