The sargent at arms has two main roles. Preparation of the meeting room and starting the meeting.

Most meeting venues will set out the chairs and prepapre the layout of the room, but Toastmasters have other thnigs that need to be prepared.

Club Banners

We have a club banner with achievement ribbons from Toastmasters International and these need to be proudly displayed.

Club Paperwork

The sargent at arms is respnosible for the room, but might have contributions from others. Nevertheless, they need to make sure all the paperwork is there. This often includes;

  1. Printed copies of the agenda. (maybe provided by the TM of the day)
  2. Feedback and voting slips
  3. Signup or registration forms for guest to fill in

Club Equipment

There are various peices of club equipement.

  1. The gavel to open and close the meetings
  2. Timer Lights need to be setup for the timer
  3. “The Frog”, we have a frog or other device to make a noise when warmup speakers go over time.