Here is a simple pocket book guide to help you understand the role of grammarian at Epsom Speakers. If you are undertaking this role for the first time, it can feel more daunting without clear instruction. This guide can be used to supplement any advice given by your mentor.

During the meeting

At the beginning of the evening, the Toastmaster will introduce you and ask you to briefly explain your role. You will need to provide a Word of the Day, explain what it means and give an example. Ask members of the audience to include the word wherever possible in their speeches or roles. Listen carefully throughout the evening and take notes. At the end of the evening you will be called upon by the Toastmaster to offer feedback: give examples of high quality language, mention some of those who included the word of the day and also any grammatical mistakes.

If you need help, ask a fellow club member. Enjoy yourself, have fun and be professional; learn by your mistakes, we’ve all made them and that is why Toastmasters is such a supportive environment.