English isn’t my first language – can I still come along?

Many of our members do not have English as their first language, and use Toastmasters as a way to gain confidence in speaking English. So feel free to come along and you’ll find a very supportive group.

Can someone under 18 join?

People under 18 are welcome to visit, but unfortunately, membership is limited to those 18 and over.

Is it expensive?

If you decide to join, our membership fees are just £70 for 6 months and a £20 joining fee. We are not a business and the money is spent on holding the meetings etc.. Some members have stated that they would have spent many thousands to get the benefits they received, but our aim is not profit, but the betterment of members. For many, they receive a payback many times what they spend through betterment in their careers as a result.

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