Confidence Workshop – 1st August

It was good to see many of you at last night’s workshop and masterclass with Richard Stacey.  We were joined by over a dozen guests, including some from Surbiton and other clubs.  The room was buzzing as we tried out the tips and techniques for grounding and centring, and learning to align the external markers of confidence with our internal experience and connecting with the audience as a powerful presence.  Richard’s put together take-away document as reminder of what was covered.

In the second half of the evening, several volunteers had the opportunity to deliver a 10 second speech, getting feedback from Richard on how to improve, as well as feedback from the audience.  It was amazing to see how subtle changes can make such a difference, as each volunteer repeated their delivery 3 or 4 times, incorporating the feedback each time.

Richard has kindly offered to run the session again at other clubs, so if you missed coming last night or if you’d like to go again, watch this space as he may be coming to Surbiton Speakers in the near future.

We’re back to our normal two meetings a month from Monday 5 Sept, with a full agenda of prepared speeches, evaluations and topics.  VPE Peter Parker will be issuing the Grid allocating roles.