Here is a simple pocket book guide to help you understand the role of General Evaluator at Epsom Speakers. If you are undertaking this role for the first time, it can feel more daunting without clear instruction. This guide can be used to supplement any advice given by your mentor.

During the meeting

The role of the General Evaluator is to give an overall evaluation of the meeting. You may be under tight time constraints as your role is the final one before the evening closes; it will be your responsibility to keep a close eye on the clock in order that the meeting does not overrun.

The main purpose is to give feedback to evaluators. Prior to the meeting do feel free to contact speech evaluators and the topics evaluator and ask if there is anything specific they would like you to watch out for.

When managing the time during your session, put most of the focus on the evaluators. Mention briefly the other roles, with one commendation and one recommendation.

The full list of roles is:

If you need help, ask a fellow club member. Enjoy yourself, have fun and be professional; learn by your mistakes, we’ve all made them and that is why Toastmasters is such a supportive environment.