Warm-up Online

The warm-up is a great way to bring everyone into an online meeting. However, I would suggest that everyone has tested their microphones and video BEFORE the meeting starts.

The warm-up needs a little more management online. The question or idea that is the warmup subject can be delivered as usual, but nobody will know when they should speak, so I suggest the participants’ list is taken as the source of attendees and you work down the list one by one. You will need to introduce each person by name as they won’t be following your process.

You will also find that many people are not so good on time when online, so your timekeeper needs to be strict and make an appropriate sound to stop those going over time.

If they don’t stop then a firm but fair mute of their microphone could be in order.

Warm-up in a physical meeting.

Here is a simple pocket book guide to help you understand the role of Warm Up Artist(e) at Epsom Speakers. If you are undertaking this role for the first time, it can feel more daunting without clear instruction. This guide can be used to supplement any advice given by your mentor.

During the meeting

As the warm up artist(e) the Toastmaster (TM) will call upon you to perform your role. Shake hands with the TM as you arrive at or leave the stage. You will explain how your role helps everyone to feel relaxed and warm up their vocal chords; provide a topic in 1-2 minutes that encourages easy responses and give your own example. Begin with a member seated on the end of the front or back rows and wind through the audience in a snake like way, inviting all members to share their story in maximum of 15** seconds. Alternatively, use your own way of working through the rows. Inform guests that it is optional for them to participate but encourage them to do so. Remember to close the session by thanking everyone for taking part and then hand the stage back to the TM. ** The maximum time depends on the number of people in the room and on the length of the meeting agenda. If there are about 25 people in attendance, go with 20 seconds as the maximum time. However, if there are 30+, a maximum time of 15 seconds is preferable. The entire warm up session should last no longer than 10 minutes. If you need help, ask a fellow club member. Enjoy yourself, have fun and be professional; learn by your mistakes, we’ve all made them and that is why Toastmasters is such a supportive environment.