Meeting 5 Aug 2019

Epsom Speakers Club is one of the coolest places to be, especially when the air conditioning has been turned right up! Once we got that sorted out the meeting settled down and our Sergeant at Arms Amanda welcomed five guests; Philip and his sixteen year old son Louis, Hilary, Shawa and, after a break of […]

Food Report 15th July

We had a small but perfectly formed Toastmasters meeting at Epsom Speakers Club on Monday 15th July where the theme was ‘Food’. We welcomed Bobby, Rosalind and Grace as guests and we’re delighted where they joined in throughout the meeting. Our Toastmaster, John, gathered together some of the best locally sourced ingredients possible to create […]

Meeting 1st July

The first of July was the start of the Toastmasters year, and what a way to start! We had a great view of the grounds from the studio, and much cooler than our usual room too! We welcomed our visitors Dao and Jo and told them a bit about Toastmasters. Elizabeth stepped in as our […]

Epsom Speakers fun evening

ESC Meeting 3rd June 2019 Dear Epsom Speakers We had another energetic and fun-filled meeting yesterday – great to see so many of you back from your holiday weekend or half term break and ready to take part! Sergeant at Arms, John welcomed our guests and got the meeting started in enthusiastic style. Matt Tuff (for […]

Start at Epsom Speakers to upgrade your public speaking skills

ESC Meeting 1st April 2019 So much has happened in such a short time! Here is a reminder of our last club meeting – full of energy, it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of our members better. John Drinkwater, our Sergeant at Arms, gave an inspirational introduction to the meeting, in true […]

Toastmasters at Reeds – 22nd March 2019

Speaking at Reeds Reeds has been working along with Epsom Speakers Toastmasters club. They have been empowering students with public speaking skills. The way Epsom Speakers helps is by providing educational presentations and feedback. I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by Leo Gadson and Amanda Zwarts. Reeds has about 50 students that take part […]

Epsom Speakers Club Contests 2019

18th March The room was buzzing with excitement this Monday for our annual club International Speech and Evaluation Contests. Eminent Toastmasters from other local clubs joined us, plus a good number of curious new guests. The meeting was opened by our Sergeant at Arms, John Drinkwater, who welcomed attendees. Many thanks to John for all […]

How to have fun on a Blue Monday

ESC Meeting 21st January 2019  ‘Blue Monday’ – but the atmosphere was fun-filled for our second meeting of the year. Costa, our temporary Sergeant at Arms, introduced the meeting and also presented the ‘Warm-up’, encouraging us to tell the meeting ‘What are you proud of?’. A really positive start! Dave Goodman was our Toastmaster, full […]

Learn to share your ideas at Epsom Speakers

ESC Club meeting 18th February 2019  It was a full house on Monday, we were pleased to welcome many guests and it was great to have them participating so fully in the meeting. Penny Williams was our able and experienced Toastmaster for the evening, leading a team of:  John Drinkwater as our lively new Sergeant […]

Become confident at public speaking

ESC Meeting Monday 4th February 2018 We had another lively meeting on Monday 4th. Mark Peacock was our Toastmaster for the evening and did a brilliant job, in charge of the proceedings. First of all we had a piece of club business – the election of our new job-sharing Sergeant at Arms, John Drinkwater. John […]