Food Report 15th July

We had a small but perfectly formed Toastmasters meeting at Epsom Speakers Club on Monday 15th July where the theme was ‘Food’.
We welcomed Bobby, Rosalind and Grace as guests and we’re delighted where they joined in throughout the meeting.

Our Toastmaster, John, gathered together some of the best locally sourced ingredients possible to create a wonderful tasting menu of epic proportions. From the Warm-Up by Anjana via the main menu of speeches by Zane, Dan, Doris and Mark evaluated by Matt, Penny, Matthjis and myself to the delicious desserts provided by Amy in her first time as Topics Master it seemed that every item was tasteful and tasty.

We now know what many of the team like as their favourite or most interesting meal was, and we also learnt via Mark the in regards to training ‘A mentor puts information in where a coach pulls it out’.

Of course, the event couldn’t run without the team taking on the various roles. Thanks to Matt, Costa, Paul, Kim, Elizabeth and Lloyd.

The winner of Table Topics was Paul, Best Speech was a tie between Mark and Dan and Best Evaluator was also a tie between Penny and Myself.

Our next Club Office Training is on Wednesday 28th August at 7:00 pm for a 7:15 prompt start at Holiday Inn in Sutton. If you are on the committee then you are required to attend. If anyone else would like to pop along and see what happens and meet with members of the other local clubs then we’d be delighted to have you along.

Our Toastmaster for the next meeting on Monday 5th of August is Paul Dowdeswell. We look forward to seeing you all there!
Best wishes, Dave Goodman, President.