Here are my recommended settigns for a zoom host and some notes for why. Links to related videos will be added when available.

These are my suggestions for what settings are used. Using V4.6.8.  Created 23rd March 2020

Host Video:

Off: so you turn on your video.

Participants Video

Off : So not to surprise people and let them consciously add their video

Audio Type:

Computer Audio:  Zoom warns that phone will not be available to free users when system is busy, so please use the computer.

Join before host

Off:  Better you get there first.

Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting

Off:  Your choice

Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when starting an instant meeting

Off: your choice.

Only authenticated users can join meetings
off: we are not defining who authenticated users are.

Require a password when scheduling new meetings

Off: set it when needed on a specific meeting

Require a password for instant meetings

Off: set it when needed on a specific meeting

Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

Off: set it when needed on a specific meeting

Embed password in meeting link for one-click join

On: if you do create a password it will be in the link and not needed to be entered again

Require password for participants joining by phone

ON: we do not expect people by phone



Mute participants upon entry

On: so they have to turn on their mic, like video

Upcoming meeting reminder

On: but will only alert when you diary meetings

In Meeting (Basic)

Require Encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints (H323/SIP)

Off: not using that level of security. You may want to.


On: some meetings you may want to stop this, but it will affect you too.  You can stop people making copies of the chat.

Private chat

On: there are times you may want to stop people chatting privately and only allow public broadcast chat, but this will affect you too.

Auto saving chats

On: if you are recording meetings then recording the chat is a good idea

Play sound when participants join or leave

On: I find this useful, but limit it to Heard by host only

File transfer

Off: don’t want files sent around, but there are times you may want to send files to people and then need it on.

Feedback to Zoom

On: not needed but it give a thumbs up down report for user experience. Shame we can not link to our own surveys….


On: share your control in case you have issues, and just to give you help. 2 co hosts should be sufficient. You still need to be the one opening and closing the meetings.




On: take votes, you can create polls before the meeting, edit them or create new ones during meetings. One question of more. Hide the results or share them. So many possibilities.

Allow hosts to put attendee on hold

On: this is my naught step option. Takes an attendee out of the meeting and suspends them. Good option as a warning before kicking, or maybe you want to take somebody out of the meeting to discuss or vote on them??? And then bring them back???

Always show meeting control toolbar

On: just makes it easier for me, rather than toolbar disappearing.

Show Zoom windows during screen share

On: you may want the zoom controls to not be seen during a screen share

Screen sharing

On: you can not limit this it is everyone or nobody.

Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing?

host: this stops other sharing when on person is, like a speaker. But you can share yourself as well.

Disable desktop/screen share for users

No: this would limit the apps people could share


On: allows people to annotate their screen shares


On: so people could use a whiteboard instead / as well as a screen share

Remote control

On: only works when you give permission

Nonverbal Feedback

On: more icons to make comments – useful for most



Allow removed participants to re-join

No: When you kick somebody, they cannot re-join that meeting.

In Meeting (Advanced)

Breakout room

On: so you can move people into breakout rooms. Great for briefings and competitions

Remote support

Off: could be useful but can not be operating when you have breakout rooms enabled.

Closed captioning

Save Captions

Off: only useful when you use captioned content

Far end camera control

Off: for PTZ and other moving cameras which we are not using.

Group HD video

Off: would be nice to be on, if all your attendees can deal with more data

Virtual background

On: fun and most effective feature for time keepers

Identify guest participants in the meeting/webinar

Off: we don’t have the ability to play with this

Auto-answer group in chat

Off: don’t see the point of an automated answer for us

Only show default email when sending email invites

Off: don’t limit people

Use HTML format email for Outlook plugin

Off: keeping emails clearer



Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings

On: recommended to help advanced users

Allow users to select original sound in their client settings

On: recommended to help advanced users

Attention tracking

Off: big brother feature makes sure people are not doing other things!

Waiting room

On: not needed when you know who is joining, but when you want to ‘identify’ people in the waiting room before you let them into the actual meeting, or delay them joining, then this is a neat feature.

If you use this them customise the messages to help them.


Setting you might want to change DURING the meeting.

At the bottom of the group chat, you can change the rules for messaging to allow chats or limit them.