Reed’s Night – Friday 13th October

Doris Sew Hoy and Costa Nicolaou spent an enjoyable evening at Reed’s School last Friday, dining with the 38 Upper Sixth form members of their Toastmasters Club. As guest speaker, Doris delivered a ten-minute talk about guidelines for evaluating speakers and speeches. Just like at our ESC meetings, she introduced the group to our Feedback Form, encouraging everyone to write at least one commendation and one recommendation for each speaker and evaluator, as a way of practising and improving their own evaluation skills.

After dinner, the group split into two. Costa joined one half in the Library, while Doris remained with the other half. They observed some very entertaining and thought provoking prepared speeches followed by evaluations and impromptu speaking. It was great to see how quickly some evaluators had picked up and applied some of the tips outlined in Doris’ talk in their evaluations – commenting on aspects of content, structure and delivery.

This was the School’s third meeting of the year, so there will be several more opportunities for other ESC members to take part in a Reed’s Toastmaster evening and witness the oratory development of these talented teenagers. Just speak to Patrick Ebbs, who is ESC’s Youth Leadership co-ordinator.