Epsom International Speech Competition

7:30pm on Monday, 2 March, 2020

Host: Matt Tuff

Epsom Speakers are pleased to host their club round for the International Speech and Evalation Competitions.

This evening is similar to other meetings but is a little more serious. That is becuase the winners of the two competitions will go forward to the area finals, and if they keep winning they will end up competiting for the World FInals in Paris, France later this year. This is the first time those finals have ever been held in Europe and I belkieve only the second time outside North America.

So, what can you expect.

  • The speakers will be judged by a team of judges, rather than one evalator. The combined scores will determine the winner.
  • The evalatution contest works by one person providing the speech and then all the competitors will deliver their evalaution of the speech one at a time.
  • This is a great oppertunity to listen to the best Toastmasters in your club fighting it out for honours.
  • There will be a warmup/warmdown but towards the end of the evening.

If you enjoy the competition then you are welcome to come and support our winners at the next stage, the area finals.

As always:
Parking is available at the venue and its only 40p for the evening.
There is no charge for attending the meeting for guests.

Free for guests. Note Parking charge 40p