HOW TO! – Be a Courteous Member

A great deal of work goes into ensuring each meeting has a full programme so that we can all learn from each other. We know that there are times when people have to work late, maybe caught in traffic or train delays or even on holiday. That is life, however if you find you are unable to attend for any reason, do send in your apology either to the Sergeant at Arms or the VP Education or even the Toastmaster for that evening. When you receive the grid make sure that you review it and should you find a date where you are allocated a role and you know that you will not be there, inform the VP Education immediately so that another member can be offered that role.

Oh what a lot of fuss you may say! Not at all, in business or other organizations it is courteous to advise if you are unable to attend. It is another skill that we are learning at Toastmasters to make us all confident in every aspect that we are aiming to achieve.

From Speakeasy 136 – June 2010