HOW TO! – Be a Courteous Member

A great deal of work goes into ensuring each meeting has a full programme so that we can all learn from each other. We know that there are times when people have to work late, maybe caught in traffic or train delays or even on holiday. That is life, however if you find you are […]

HOW TO! – Organise your Speech

Each speech should comprise of an introduction, the main body and a conclusion and this is the structure of any talk. The introduction should be a maximum of two minutes as attention spans are very short. You need to make sure you have the attention of your audience and they have an expectation that you […]

HOW TO! – Prepare and Deliver a Speech

It takes preparation and practice to create a speech before it is ready to be delivered at a club meeting. First you need a subject that will be suitable for the objectives you have to meet, you need to write it out and then start to prune it back so that it has an opening […]

HOW TO! – Use Your Voice

Each speech you give, whether a prepared speech, evaluation, impromptu, topic or general evaluation, is all an occasion for you to use your voice. As a painting has light and shade to give it interest, your voice has loud and soft, to help you to project and give emphasis to every aspect of what you […]

HOW TO! – Choose and Handle Topics

Topics participants only have two minutes to give a mini speech therefore the Topics should be on subjects that everyone can say something about in that time. Firstly choose a theme i.e. recent news, sports, learning, hobbies etc. then break this down into say 8-10 different topics under the one theme creating a stand- alone […]

HOW TO! – Lectern – Yes or No

It seems Toastmasters place an inordinate amount of emphasis on how much a speaker moves around on the platform. We usually consider a lectern ‘off limits’ for any experienced speaker and expect them to move around, whether or not such movement contributes to the effectiveness of the speech. Speaking without using a lectern can be […]

HOW TO! – Listen

Do you find your mind wandering during a club evening, or for that matter during any conversation or business meeting you are involved with? It can happen so easily with the least thing causing a distraction. What you need to do is completely FOCUS on the speaker and what they are saying. This can work […]

HOW TO! – Use the Flip chart

Should you wish to use the flip chart during a presentation, ask the Sergeant at Arms to bring this along to the meeting. It is good to prepare in advance so you will both need to get to the meeting in good time. Once it has been prepared, close it down so that the contents […]

HOW TO! – Begin your Speeches

In the first one or two minutes, the speaker has to hook the attention of the audience. So what makes a good speech opening? Make a startling statement Use an intriguing statement that will compel your audience to listen such as ‘Smoking Kills. More Americans die each year than were killed in the battles during […]

HOW TO! – Fulfil the role of Toastmaster

PRE MEETING Review the grid and contact those on this by email immediately following the previous meeting to ascertain they are still able to undertake their role and if anyone on the programme drops out, work with the VPE to obtain a replacement. Check by telephone over the weekend immediately prior to your evening and […]