Story Telling & Christmas Cards – December 19th

It was good to see so many turn up for the Christmas meeting. Lloyd and Elizabeth win the best dressed with their Santa hats, and really did gave us a good injection of the Christmas spirit.

The evening was launched by Lloyd as the S@A and he started the meeting with a lively Christmas based introduction, setting the meeting off with great energy and a sense of fun. What an excellent start.

We also had a first for Sonia, as it was her first time as Toastmaster. It wasn’t planned but seemed a fate accompli as Sonia had first visited Toastmasters exactly a year ago to the day. Sonia did a great job as Toastmaster and rode over her mistakes like a true professional. That was so good to see.

Part of Sonia’s team were Justin as timekeeper who gave us a great run down on what the timekeepers role was all about, and Sheena did the same as videographer. Elizabeth did a great job as Ballot counter again.

Kevin re-joined the club and did an excellent job as warm up artist. The theme of the warm up was your funniest or most terrifying moment when flying. Kevin really did a great job at this role as he managed to get everybody to say something about their experiences. Even the people who had no such experiences flying managed to partake. This was a fun and interesting session. Welcome back Kevin. Very good to see you last night.

We had three speeches form Paul D, Penny and Dave G. Well done to Paul speaking about his French escapade when he was a teenager. Sounded like an experience and a half. Thanks to Dave for his key note speech with some very interesting solutions to what we have coming down the pipeline as a species, and Penny, for her heart felt story about her father. These were all great speeches and very entertaining, thought provoking and interesting. A big thank you to Dave for filling in at the last minute.

Our evaluators were Gillian, the Warshawskis, and Ian. This was an exceptional evaluation session and was beneficial not only to the speakers, but for all of us on how to evaluate, and how to improve ourselves as speakers and evaluators. Well done to the Warshawski family, who won the best evaluators.

We had another first as Topics master under the guidance of Lloyd. What a great and innovative session. Lloyd gave everybody a Christmas card and asked them to either comment on the theme in the centre of the card or on the front picture. Lloyd did a fantastic job as he managed to get everybody to speak well, so it was a wonderful session and very enjoyable to watch. A big thank you to Adam, Costa, Rohan, Emma, Serkan, Anjana, Elisabeth and Sheena for participating and making it such a fabulous session.

Then we had Aishi as the evaluator of the session. Aishi really did a great job as he managed to give everybody a commendation and a recommendation for their performance.

And last but not least, Amanda Zwarts was our general evaluator. Amanda gave a great evaluation of the evening, pointing out the good points and the areas that need sharpening up, and managed to give us that community feeling in on smooth flow. It is wonderful to see what I would call the new members now taking on the more established roles. It really does feel like we are all growing together and a pleasure to see such positive strives forward in confidence, ability and stage presence. Well done to everybody.

Remember to formulate your Toastmasters vision for the year to come. We are here to help you achieve that vision. And on that note, I wish you a very merry Christmas and joyful new year full of peace, good will and love.

Our next meeting is 9th January with Patrick as Toastmaster.

VPE & Acting President

HOW TO! – Evaluate Topics

HOWTOAs Topics are short and quite quick in succession, the Topics Evaluator has a lot of listening and watching to do in a short time, plus taking some notes. Firstly evaluate the Topics Master on how they ran the session, their introduction, the theme and how they closed the session by giving a brief resume of each speaker, calling for the timekeepers report then asking the audience to cast their vote. The essence for the participants is the same as any evaluation, albeit in a reduced time, in that one or two commendations should be made and one recommendation. The recommendation is very important for the participants to enable them to improve when they take part again. The Topics Evaluator must note the time allowed on the programme and then fit their evaluations into this time. Keep them short and to the point and you will not go wrong.

Taken from Speakeasy 181 – March 2014

A buzzing meeting with many firsts – December 5th

There was certainly a buzz in the packed Rose Room on Monday, with our VP Membership, Gillian Prior, at the helm as TM for the evening. This was Gillian’s first time in this role, and what a great job she did in pulling together a full Agenda with four prepared speeches and evaluations. It was also the first time in the role of Warm Up for Ben Daly, who got us to talk about best and worse pieces of advice we’d given or received. Notably, many mentioned that the best advice they had was to join our Club!

And so, it was with great pleasure to welcome our two newest members who’ve joined ESC – Rohan Nallanickan, who did his C1 Ice Breaker, and Dave Lane who is also a member of PMI Toastmasters’ Club in London.

Bohwon presented some fascinating points on how global warming will affect you in her C8 speech with some fun and factual slides. Peter Parker gave an entertaining and enlightening Advanced Speech on his recent travels to Korea. Congratulations to Dave Villa-Clarke for winning the best Best Speaker vote for his C7: “A Cold Winter”, with his moving account of homelessness in Guildford – yes, Guildford!

I joined the line up of Evaluators which included Penny, Patrick and Ian – well done to Ian for picking up the Best Evaluator vote for his feedback on Dave’s speech.

After the break, Charlie used some great props to help him as Topics Master – his eight year old daughter Chistiana and his soon to be 10 year old son Asher. They’d done some lovely pictures illustrating different months of the year, which was the theme for Topics. Eight speakers, which included many of our guests, took up the challenge of impromptu speaking, with Elizabeth taking home the Best Topics ribbon for her story of adventure on the high seas during the month of August during her teens.

It was great to see how well the Topics Evaluator role could be performed using two, instead of the normal one, member. Penny and Ian did this role as a double act, with each giving commendations and recommendations alternately for each speaker. We’ll be using this format again, as it takes pressure off the TE role, allowing each of two TEs to focus on only half the Topics speakers.

Our Treasurer, Dave Goodman, fresh from his trans Atlantic travels, rounded off the evening with his General Evaluator’s observations. In particular, Dave noted how well our presence on MeetUp and the revitalised website was working in drawing in more guests to meetings.

Our next meeting is on Monday 19th Dec, with Sonia Pritchard as TM, and our VP Education, Peter Parker, will be acting President.

ESC President

HINTS AND TIPS – Show Courage in your footsteps!

How we walk on and off the stage will show our levels of confidence, and will help the audience see us in a positive light. From the moment we leave our seat until the moment we return to it, we are on show, and we can be purposeful for every second.

Try different ways of coming up on stage: slowly and thoughtfully; striding purposefully; dynamically and exuberantly. At the end of your speech stand and take the applause, shake hands assertively with the next speaker, and walk tall back to your seat.

Your body language needs to tell the world that you have done a great job on stage.

From Speakeasy 156 – February 2012