HOW TO! – Use Your Voice

Each speech you give, whether a prepared speech, evaluation, impromptu, topic or general evaluation, is all an occasion for you to use your voice. As a painting has light and shade to give it interest, your voice has loud and soft, to help you to project and give emphasis to every aspect of what you […]

Laugh while you are learning to speak in public – 4th September

Monday 4th September saw another fun packed and lively evening at Epsom Speakers. It was so good to see so many guests at the meeting and led to an energy filled evening. It is so enlivening to walk into the room at Epsom Speakers club and here the buzz of the crowd assembling before the […]

Hints and Tips – Three Ps

When practicing and giving speeches, do remember the three ‘Ps, Pitch, Pace and Pause. Use voice modulation/pitch to keep your speech interesting, the right pace – not too fast, not too slow and finally pause, a second or two between points helps you to consider your next point and gives the audience time to assimilate […]

HOW TO! – Choose and Handle Topics

Topics participants only have two minutes to give a mini speech therefore the Topics should be on subjects that everyone can say something about in that time. Firstly choose a theme i.e. recent news, sports, learning, hobbies etc. then break this down into say 8-10 different topics under the one theme creating a stand- alone […]

ESC meeting 7th August 2017

What a lively and energetic meeting we all experienced on Monday. Again I was really pleased to be presiding over such a group of talented people. I do hope you gained as much as I did from the experience and I hope the club goes from strength to strength. Even though the numbers were low, […]

An Energetic New Year – July 3rd

What an honour to preside over such a talented group of people. I thought the meeting was very energetic, fun and full of learning. I big thank you to Gillian, who organised the meeting as the new VPE. Well done to Gillian for making such a success of your first meeting. The meeting was opened […]

Nicely Chilled – 19th June

Our final meeting for this TM year and it was the hottest day so far this year. So, it was wonderful to find ourselves nicely chilled, sitting in the well air-conditioned Azalea Room at Bourne Hall with experienced toastmaster Penny Williams at the helm as TM for the evening. Ian, as Club Secretary, took us […]

Taking time and space – June 5th

It’s been a hell of a fortnight since our last meeting, with the terrorist attack in Manchester followed by the horror of the attack so much closer to home in London on Saturday. Justin Pybus, TM for the evening, led a fitting one minute silence to pay tribute to the victims killed and wounded. Taking […]

HOW TO! – Act as Grammarian

Words are fascinating and we use them each and every day. The role of Grammarian is to listen to see how words and grammar are used in a speech, evaluation or topic and to pick out good use of phrasing, whether it brought pictures into the mind and also to comment on bad use of […]