Hints and Tips – Ask Your Mentor

Don’t be afraid to ask your Mentor for assistance or for anything that will help you benefit from your membership of ESC. Remember, Mentoring is a two- way process where the Mentor provides guidance and help to a newer member and they also benefit from reviewing the Communications and Leadership Manuals. From Speakeasy 27 – […]

You ain’t seen nothing yet – May 22nd

Summer’s arrived early, so it was lovely to sit outside in the Wheatsheaf pub’s garden (on Kingston Road) enjoying a glass of wine with some fellow members after Monday’s meeting. And what a meeting that was! After getting through the formalities of the AGM (see President’s Report for summary of the year), Toastmaster for the […]

HOW TO! – Lectern – Yes or No

It seems Toastmasters place an inordinate amount of emphasis on how much a speaker moves around on the platform. We usually consider a lectern ‘off limits’ for any experienced speaker and expect them to move around, whether or not such movement contributes to the effectiveness of the speech. Speaking without using a lectern can be […]

Hints and Tips – Red Light Fever

When giving your speech do you find the red light comes on too early and that you still have a lot more that you could say? You need to go back to your preparation and once you have the speech ready, practice and time yourself several times, you may be amazed that you run over […]

Are We There Yet? – May 8th

“We got there in the end,” said Costa, General Evaluator, in his feedback to Toastmaster for the evening, Kevin Perkins on his handling of Monday’s meeting. This was Kevin’s first time as TM and aside from his computer problems and difficulty in getting roles confirmed, he faced the challenge of juggling some last-minute changes to […]

HOW TO! – Listen

Do you find your mind wandering during a club evening, or for that matter during any conversation or business meeting you are involved with? It can happen so easily with the least thing causing a distraction. What you need to do is completely FOCUS on the speaker and what they are saying. This can work […]

A not so normal, normal Club meeting – April 24th

“Where has the time gone?” I hear myself asking as I write this. With the Easter break followed closely with May Day holiday, it seems ages since our last meeting. That was on Monday 24 April, when we had held a “normal” Club meeting not at our normal Bourne Hall venue, but at Reed’s School […]

Hints and Tips – Take a Breath

Whether you are going to stand up to give a speech, evaluation or topic, take a couple of deep breaths before you rise from your seat and a couple more as you walk to the stage. Make sure the stage is set how you want it so that you will be comfortable in front of […]

HOW TO! – Use the Flip chart

Should you wish to use the flip chart during a presentation, ask the Sergeant at Arms to bring this along to the meeting. It is good to prepare in advance so you will both need to get to the meeting in good time. Once it has been prepared, close it down so that the contents […]

Hints and Tips – Practise in front of a mirror

Once you have your speech ready, practise in front of a mirror and record yourself. It may sound silly, but when you listen to your delivery you can hear where you can give more voice enhancement to bring your speech to life. You will also see how the timing is, if you are well over […]