Exceptional Evaluations Workshop – April 10th

It was a great pleasure to welcome Freddie Daniells to ESC to deliver his “Exceptional Evaluations” workshop on Monday 10th April. This was the 139th time he’s given this workshop. His aim is to help us become more effective and exceptional evaluators, because, as he says: “When you give feedback, you have the chance to […]

The F Word – April 3rd

What four letter word, beginning with F, comes to your mind when you think about speaking in public? Yes, FEAR. Yet everyone managed to talk about “What fear have you faced and learnt from?”, for no more than the allocated 20 seconds as part of the Warm Up session, led by Phoebus – quite possibly […]

Area 53 International Speech & Evaluation Contests – March 27th

Congratulations to Ian Uption and Stephen Taylor, respective winners of the Area 53 International Speech and Evaluation contests, held last night at Bourne Hall. They go on to represent Area 53 at the Division H contest to be held on Saturday 22 April, 12.45 to 15.30 at Oxsted Community Hall, 53 Church Street, Oxsted, RH8 […]

Laughing out Loud – March 20th

There’s nothing better than a good laugh out loud and Monday’s club night was packed with comic relief. All four speakers managed to weave light touches, and heavy doses, of humour in their stories. In his C1, Paul van der Hagen demonstrated not only his existing wide range of speaking skills but also his theatrical […]

HOW TO! – Begin your Speeches

In the first one or two minutes, the speaker has to hook the attention of the audience. So what makes a good speech opening? Make a startling statement Use an intriguing statement that will compel your audience to listen such as ‘Smoking Kills. More Americans die each year than were killed in the battles during […]

International Speech & Evaluation Contests – March 6th

Our annual International Speech contest attracted six contestants, delivering inspirational, motivational and highly entertaining speeches and demonstrating a wealth of speaking talent: Ian Upton, Peter Parker, Costa Nicolaou, and our three Dave’s – Villa Clarke, Goodman and Lane. Many thanks to Jean-Marc Pierson from Holborn Speakers, who travelled to the depths of Surrey to be […]

Energetic, electric and educational Speaking & Evaluating – February 20th

What a packed and exciting meeting we had on Monday. Not only did we have to get more chairs, we had a full agenda with an Educational slot and three speeches, including an Advanced Speech with a Q&A session. Amanda Zwartz, Toastmaster for the evening, expertly and efficiently manoeuvred the proceedings, keeping us all to […]

A Virtuous Fun-Filled Cycle – February 6th

It’s February already, and less than five months remaining in this Toastmaster’s year. How are you getting on with your goals? Like all Toastmaster clubs around the world, our meetings are designed to get you speaking, learning and developing communication and leadership skills by “doing it”, getting and giving feedback – a virtuous cycle, with […]

Everyone is a winner – January 23rd

Membership at ESC has steadily grown throughout this Toastmaster’s year, with a total of 9 new members joining since July last year. At Monday night’s meeting, we welcomed our latest recruit, Paul van der Hagan, bringing our current membership to 35. It was good to welcome back Stephen Taylor who’s been on “parental leave” since […]

HOW TO! – Fulfil the role of Toastmaster

PRE MEETING Review the grid and contact those on this by email immediately following the previous meeting to ascertain they are still able to undertake their role and if anyone on the programme drops out, work with the VPE to obtain a replacement. Check by telephone over the weekend immediately prior to your evening and […]