Change your life with public speaking

ESC Meeting 15th October (EGM, Variety and change!) Dear Epsom Speakers It was good to be back among you again, and it was an important meeting this week. Firstly we had an EGM to decide on our support of two new Toastmasters clubs in the area, Sutton Speakeasy and Reigate Rhetoric. The meeting was ably […]

Epsom Speakers Meeting 1st of October 2018

Dear Epsom Speakers, As always, the room was all set up and ready for what turned out to be most enjoyable evening. Well done to the Sergeant at Arms for this meeting, Chris Terry. Bang on time he brought us all to order so the meeting could begin. As Gillian was unwell,  I was the […]

Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests 2018

Dear Epsom Speakers What a great show-case of talents we had last Monday! Our annual Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests brought out a galaxy of stars. Introduced by (VPE and contest organiser), Costa, our stand-in Sergeant-at Arms, Matthijs Houweling did a great job as chair of the Humorous speech Contest. We had four excellent […]

Start your public speaking path this autumn

Old friends and new came together for our first autumn meeting – a lively session and we were delighted to welcome many guests. Contributions from everyone in the room added to the fun and excitement, the meeting ably run by experienced Toastmaster Patrick Ebbs. Fatai was our job-sharing Sergeant at Arms tonight, keeping us all […]

Prioritise your Public Speaking Skills

What a great and energetic evening  hosted by our serial visitor, bubbly and ebullient  Anjana Roy as Toastmaster. We were again hosted in the air-conditioned room, so thanks again to Dave Goodman for arranging. Amada Zwarts was our stand in Sergeant at Arms tonight. As Gillian was away, representing Epsom Speakers club at her son’s wedding in Poland, I was […]

Build your public speaking confidence

ESC Club meeting 6th August 2018 We had an inspirational evening, hosted ably by our Area Director, Lloyd as Toastmaster. Thanks are due to Dave Goodman for arranging a nice, comfortable air-conditioned room. Chris Terry was our Sergeant at Arms tonight, giving us a rousing start, and Fatai our very dedicated videographer, dealing with teething troubles […]

Expand your horizons with Public Speaking

ESC Club meeting 16th July 2018 Another fantastic, fun, lively summer meeting – Costa’s first as our new VP Education and definitely Julia’s first outing as Toastmaster of the evening. (Well done, Julia, for your determination, organisation and faultless presentation and leadership). Fatai was Sergeant at Arms this week, and took on board the advice to […]

Learn to speak in public with courage and openness

Epsom Speakers Club Monday 21st May 2018 It was another great evening at Epsom Speakers Club. I thought the theme of the evening was really about courage and conquering your fears and preconceptions about public speaking. We do have a talented group of people at the club. That was on show this meeting with some […]

Speaking in public with wise words

Epsom Speakers Club Monday 14th May 2018 We were blessed with so many wise words and quotes last night, I felt I was at an inspirational seminar. From Mark Twain to Yoda himself, we had an array of quotes during the topics session, and some inspirational speeches about change and realisations, as people across the […]

Reeds School Awards Night 27 May 2018

I am sure that most Epsom Speakers Club members are aware of the Youth Leadership Programme we are currently running at Reeds School in Cobham. This has been running for a number of years now. We have currently just had a change of Teachers who are running the scheme. They are being guided by Patrick […]